Author Topic: AOTY Standings as of September 1, 2010  (Read 1552 times)

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AOTY Standings as of September 1, 2010
« on: September 01, 2010, 10:16:29 pm »
After flipping through all of these photos I am in awe at the variety and the size and quality fish. A few that really stood out were a couple hog Walleye(GLYak and Jedi), a gorgeous shot of those brookies from Mike and of course the fish of the year in my mind the GIANT Sturgeon!! But really everyone is having a stellar year. Makes it real fun to watch from the sidelines guys!! Thanks
We are getting down to the end of the season. Dont give up cause this is the best time of year to fish :) The water temps are at the max and starting to drop and the FALL FEED is starting! We will be announcing prizes for the competitors of the event soon. Remember that you do not have to be the winner to win. So even if you enter 1 fish you will still have a chance at prizes.
WAY TO GO BRENT!! your leading the group so far man!

Here the standings are from top to bottom.
Brent 20 points
Mike 16 Points
Wayne 13 points +.0001 for a giant sturgeon
Rockbass 12 points
Jedi 9 points
GLYak 7 points
Axor(international) 7 points +.0001 for an awsome Zander
BobD 6 points
NSYakfisher 6 Points
Jason Holweg 6 Points
OwenHeathCote 6 Points
Kayakman 5 Points
Stroover 5 Points
BellyBuster 5 points
Walleye1 3 points
E_fishin_C 3 points
Fishon 3 points
Bmac 2 points
Coolhand 1 point
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