Author Topic: 2018 Vancouver Island Kayak Fishing Trip Report  (Read 2209 times)

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2018 Vancouver Island Kayak Fishing Trip Report
« on: September 09, 2018, 02:16:31 pm »
I recently did a trip out to Vancouver island and figured I would share a few pictures and info as we had a great time out there.

We started the trip out by driving straight out to Nanaimo on day 1. The next day we decided to go hit up the local area where we were able to find a nice spring, a couple smaller wild coho, kelp greenling, little rockfish, little lingcod, a couple dogfish and a sea cucumber.

We were fairly happy with the salmon fishing around Nanaimo but we wanted some better bottom fishing so we headed north and and did some exploring.

After trying a couple spots we found one we liked and we were able to catch a nice spring, nice coho, some smaller salmon, some decent rockfish and some nice lingcod. I also caught a sole, little octopus and we saw a humpback whale which was cool.

We tried for halibut one morning but didn't have any luck and when we went to try another halibut spot my car battery died so that will have to wait for next year. Fortunately I use a 35 ah sla battery for my fish finder and I was able to start the car with it even after 3 days of fishing lol.

By that point it was nearing the long weekend and one of the reasons we went out on this trip was to attend the kayak fishing tournament at Moutcha Bay so we packed up our gear and headed over to the tournament.

The tournament was packed with just over 100 entrants including around a dozen of us from AB. On day 1 the fishing was a bit tough as a number of the fish hadn't come that far inland yet with the dry warm weather and the tide was high so a bunch of the fish had shot up into the river out of bounds. I decided to go troll a bit and play with some rockfish where I caught my first Bocaccio rockfish.

After I got tired of rockfish and trolling the tide had went out and some of the fish had come back out of the river. I was able to catch a couple and get on the board but I knew the standings were going to change a bunch on day 2.

Day 2 rolled around and it was low tide first thing and the fishing was lights out for the first couple hours but most of the fish were on the smaller size (18 lbs was biggest at that time) so I knew anyone could still win the tournament with one decent fish.

In the last couple hours of the tournament a shower moved in from over the sound and I think this brought in a group of fish with it since all of a sudden the fish being caught were larger then earlier in the day.

With 45 minutes left in the tournament I dropped my jig for the umpteenth time and bam I had a hit on the way down. When fishing for these staged up fish you unfortunately snag some fish on accident but when you get hit on the way down it is almost always a good bite so I was pretty sure it would be a good hook up. The fish was strong and pulling hard but I got it steered away from the other anglers to avoid tangles and by that time I was fairly certain I had a potential tournament winner on the line as the biggest fish entered was still only 19.6 lbs.

It took me probably 5-10 minutes to finally get the fish into view and sure enough she was hooked in the mouth and I was certain it was the tournament winning fish. I played her out a tad bit more and then got her into the net on the first try just as the hook popped out. I ran her over to the weigh boat with 30 minutes remaining in the tournament then headed into shore. She was 23.4 lbs and good for 1st place which won me the tournament and a new Wilderness Systems Radar 135 kayak!

We already had the Rav4 loaded up and then some but we figured out a way to get the extra kayak on top and filled up on of our 150L coolers with fish and started the long journey home after a very fun and productive trip!

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Re: 2018 Vancouver Island Kayak Fishing Trip Report
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2018, 09:50:20 pm »
Well done & nice report.

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Re: 2018 Vancouver Island Kayak Fishing Trip Report
« Reply #2 on: September 14, 2018, 10:15:45 am »
Looks like an amazing trip. Someday I'll get out to that end of our beautiful country.
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