Author Topic: Frogg-Toggs Anura wading boots review  (Read 2610 times)

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Frogg-Toggs Anura wading boots review
« on: September 05, 2012, 10:41:18 pm »
Finally got a chance to try out my new wading boots. First off these are the first pair of wading boots that I have ever had. So I really cant compare them to anything other than hiking boots i normally used for wading. Anyway, i found the boots very supportive, and had good traction. However there are some rocks that are just going to be slippery no matter what u throw on your feet. I love the drains on the inside of the boat that lets the water drain away. I never once felt like I had a boot full of water. I also did some hiking too from the stream and these boats had great traction on wet gravel, rocks, stumps etc. The sole is a tick wider than the boot itself and gives u the fealling of having a bit more boot on the ground which was nice as it added to the stability of the boot. Paired with Kokatat tempest pants I never got a single rock/pebble in my boot all day long thanks to the rock gaurds on the pants. I thought I would surely get a blister or two sense the boots were brand new but after 8 hrs of wading and hiking my feet felt great. For what u pay for these boots, i fugure they are worth every penny. If anyone is looking at an entry level wading boot, they are certianly worth a try.  ;D