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Ride 135 (2012 Model)
« on: March 06, 2012, 10:58:24 pm »
I got a chance to spend some time in the new (2012) Wildy Ride 135. Really nice boat, has all the usual Wildy bonuses like Slidetrax, Phase 3 seat, easy to access hatches.

The boat is crazy stable, aside form the Pro Angler it is easly the 2nd most stable kayak I have been in. Casting and paddling while standing was super comfortable (keep in mind Im about 170lbs though). Aside from the usual comfy and adjustable seat this seat is on a slide system. You can pull a strap and slide the entire seat forward a foot or so. This is handy for paddling and being able to have the rods out of the way of the paddle but quick and easy to slide forward to grab a rod and set a hook. Lots of storage space as well, this thing is big.

Only down side to it would be the weight and a little more drag while paddling, if you need to paddle a good distance to your fishing spot and your not overly worried about standing then the Tarpon series might be a better boat for you. Other than that the boat is dry and worked really well. I actually sat cross legged while trolling, lots of space and well though out deck.

Really curious to try the Ride 11.5 now, will fit in the back of my short bed truck easier.

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