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Native Manta Ray 12 w/rudder review
« on: March 04, 2012, 08:39:49 am »
We purchased this kayak a year ago for Karen.  Got a great deal and went on a road trip to get it.  It is a 2008 model but had never been paddled.

We read the reviews and liked what we heard but didn't get to follow the golden rule and take it for a paddle.

Turned out to be a great kayak.  It tracks well with or without the rudder, seems to be reasonably quick for a twelve footer and is very comfortable to sit in for an extended fish/paddle

I encouraged Karen to get a 12 footer as I have a Tarpon 140 and figured that the Manta Ray would be a great river kayak for me on the occasions that she wasn't interested in coming along.  It is also lighter than the Tarpon and I find myself taking it for all my solo river trips.  It turns great in the river although it is a little slower than the 140 as is to be expected.

The two small hatches come with buckets which is great dry storage compared to the small bag in the Tarpon which can get wet.
The Manta Ray is a very dry ride, the scuppers narrow from bottom to top which seems to slow water coming into the foot wells.  Another neat thing is that the scuppers under the seat are actually sealed over.  They must just be for structural rigidity.  This leads to water being trapped in the seat well which mainly happens when you sit sidesaddle.  The water bypasses the scuppers in the footwell when I sit sidesaddle (do to the tilt)and travels into the seatwell.  No big deal when wearing waders.  That is my only complaint in an otherwise great kayak.
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