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« on: November 02, 2011, 10:52:03 am »
I purchased the Pelican APEX 100 for my wife, so that she could try kayaking and kayak fishing.


- Cheap (kayak and pelican paddle for under $300 brand new)
- Surprisingly stable
- Light (under 45lbs)
- Scuppers work well (I was surprised to say that Pelican actually seemed to put some thought into the scupper design and the scuppers don't fill the boat with water, and generally drain the boat very well)
- Comes with rear cargo area and bungees for tie downs.


- cheap construction, thin plastic (still durable, but nothing compared to the stronger rotomolded more expensive boats)
- Tracks like a beach ball (it's only a 10' boat, so that's part of the problem, but they could have made the hull a little narrower and deeper in the water line)
- THE SEAT! There is no padding, it's just a moulded plastic bum spot with a cheap back rest. It seems to work just fine for my wife, but she is a very short and small paddler....I on the other hand had to stop paddling at 2 hours because my back was too sore.

I have to admit that I would still look for a used higher quality kayak before buying a new pelican, but funny enough, I would still recommend this boat...and here's why. It's a relatively cheap ride and you can't really beat what you are getting for the brand new price. The Apex is still fairly durable and boasts just enough performance to get you on the water with confidence. I wouldn't take it on the great lakes or down a Class III river, but it will certainly do for smaller rivers and lakes. At the end of the day, you can set up one of these little SOT's with all the rigging for under $600 (including a fishfinder, paddle, rod holders, accessories etc.), and for people on a tight budget....that's pretty slick. My wife ended up loving paddling, so her boat is going to my son, and we will be getting her a new WS this winter, but we both agree that the pelican was great value in an entry level kayak.

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One of my best fishing buddies likes his Apex 100.

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Great photo.Start em young.
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