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you have to wonder...
« on: July 24, 2011, 02:58:57 pm »
you have to wonder some times about the info on the net, and even the official sources out there. i was looking for the water levels and tides in sturgeon alley on the kennebecasis river in NB. while looking i found the listing for height of tide/salt water boundary on most NB rivers...but not the oromocto river. then i found a study into the salinity of kennebecasis bay (almost all salt, really an ocean fjord). it said that  there was very little fresh water input, and that was from the "hampton river" - there is no such river! there are 2 rivers that flow into it, the kennebecasis and the hammond, which we fished in the classic. how they would be so blinkered that they missed these rivers (you would think the name would make it easy!!!) and yet post it as a study, you have to wonder. i tried contacting the source - no link established.

it seems a common theme in oceans, water ways and fisheries, studies to prove a theory wether the facts support it or not, good info mixed with blaring mistakes. is there no one watching?

this is how the sturgeon in these rivers went from endangered and only fishable 2 weeks of the year, to 52 weeks of the year wide open to 11 months still no number limit to commercial fishery to export live sturgeon...all withen a couple years. there is no way these long lived fish increased by any sort of significant numbers in that time. they just changed the rules so some one could make a buck for a couple years, then they will be decimated.

and no one takes responsibility. i have challenged a few of these knowledgeable people to back up their claims or process, with not one reply. they do some things that amaze me, like asking us to send in all stripers caught under 8 inches in the saint john river system. that is illegal!! they never listed any special permit - nada, just break the law for us will you?!!! oh, and can you shut down the fishery while you do it so the numbers are accurate...!
it seems to be all about the study money, and nothing about the actual sustaining of the fish. like NB and NS can`t figure out how to raise stripers, even though NS does it all the time...but it`s just for study!! you can buy a complete striper fish farm kit on line and they have been one of the most often farm raised fish...but NB and NS can`t figure it out...ya, right

just frustrated people. :( :'(
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