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Old Town "Topwater" Kayak


John Gibson:
Have you been watching the trailers?
The boat looks promising.  I'm pretty stoked for it.
I've been nagging Old Town for more details (also trying to get one for myself).  But so far Mums the word. 

They'll be for sale in August.

Some links to the videos:

Teaser 1





I'm leaning towards a pedal boat given I cant paddle at the moment... Its been a fruitless summer for me thus far because of it.
Any other new boats coming out that you are aware of?  I'd love to see whats new this year!!!

John Gibson:
Found a picture. 
10ft and 12ft versions are what I'm hearing.

John Gibson:
Non-PDL version.

Look nice. Let's see what they will cost here.

John Gibson:

--- Quote from: otownyaker on July 10, 2018, 09:00:32 pm ---Look nice. Let's see what they will cost here.

--- End quote ---

$1999 USD MSRP


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