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Could someone please tell me which kayak is "faster"?

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the Ascend 12T or 128T?

John Gibson:
Ascend "FS128T" being 33 inches wide would make it much slower than the 12T.

2 inches make That much difference?

John Gibson:

--- Quote from: TexasDon on January 29, 2018, 11:42:31 am ---2 inches make That much difference?

--- End quote ---

Yes it can, very much so.

That's an additional amount of drag, and potentially weight you are trying to yank through the water.
The Hull design will also factor into the speed. 

I know of a few folks that have used the 128t, and I've seen it in person. It's a very wide/heavy kayak. Thats not to say its a bad boat in any way.
You'd also be dragging around quite a bit more weight in the 128T given its 96lbs weight vs the 12T being 77 lbs.
If you are more concerned about stability, then the 128T is the better choice, but you will sacrifice a lot in speed.

If you get either of these boats, put some serious consideration into investing in a good, lightweight paddle. Remember that this is your "motor", a day of paddling this boat with a heavy paddle will make you less inclined to take your kayak out more often. Avoid Aluminium paddles at all costs.
Fibreglass is okay, but look for Carbon Fibre.    Too many Kayak anglers skimp here, when this should be the spot you put more thought and consideration into. 

If you own a PFD, bring it with you when you buy, or make sure the dealer or seller has the same pdf you intend to use.  Sit in the boat with your PFD on as though you are going out for a day of fishing. Make sure it "feels" right, or the same comment regarding the paddle will apply. 

Thank you, friend~


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