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Title: Long nose gar / carp
Post by: otownyaker on July 12, 2015, 10:16:46 am
Need some help catching some gar and carp from a yak.
I have a spot just packed with gar and carp I can see them all over.
The gar do seem like they are feeding but won't bite for me.
The carp seem to just be siting around in the weeds. Again they have no interest in any thing I throw them.
The fish are in a very weedy spot with Lilly's grass mossy junk.
Any idea what I can do to get the long nosed buggers to bite?
Or the 25lb bottom suck faces?
Title: Re: Long nose gar / carp
Post by: threeparrots on July 12, 2015, 12:59:43 pm
I'll take a stab at the Gar part..

We started a thread last year on the subject (

I prefer using yarn/rope core, without a hook on the fly rod. The yarn tangles up pretty nicely in their teeth. Only catch is that you have to take some time to get it all out properly.

But we have found just casting the yarn and stripping it past the fish is fairly effective if their being aggressive.

Otherwise, you can use some crankbaits. We have just recently found that if you actually hook into a gar, don't set the hook or yank it because it will most likely come off... our trick now with hooks is to gently bring the fish in, and slowly. It keeps the fish calm also, so it might not thrash around.

But do some reading on using the rope flies.. very effective for keeping the fish on.
Title: Re: Long nose gar / carp
Post by: kayakzander on July 12, 2015, 11:03:42 pm
I second three parrots. The rope flies work like a charm and for the larger gar...they love the shallow water crankbaits.
Title: Re: Long nose gar / carp
Post by: EagleEyesFlash on July 13, 2015, 11:02:42 am
Send an invite to me to fish these spots.
I'll show you what I know. I've wasted hours and days learning
about catching gar and carp.

Carp are caught mainly on hair rigs with corn or bollies. Trying to get
one to bite a whooly bugger on flyrod, haven't seen any feeding lately.
Ones in Rideau lately are rolling in the middle, think they might be spawning again ??
Carp are notorious for not feeding while spawning.

Gar I mainly use bait, let them swim after pick up, when they stop is usually
when they swallow bait, set hook and you'll hook em in the cornor of the mouth !
Lures with "rope" instead of hooks sounds fun though, and fly too.
Some of my gar spots have massive vegetation and hard to work any lure through.
For this one from yesterday, I had the bait half in the water and half resting on a lilly pad. Gar can smell
very well and from far, sure enough Mr. longnose found it.

Both species require unique bait and rigging prep.
Kinda cool learning to catch different species eh ? 
Title: Re: Long nose gar / carp
Post by: otownyaker on July 13, 2015, 03:59:03 pm
EEF I'll be back out there Friday and sat weather depending.
I have used rope before and have had secsess, just not at this location as it is very weedy.
Guessing I'll have to try carp next year seeing after getting to my cottage I found out we had a brake in and all my musky gear and larger rods where stolen.
4 rods and 3 tackle boxes of musky/pike gear.
Idk if my med heavy fast rods I still do have will handle the huge suck faces I see
Title: Re: Long nose gar / carp
Post by: Flyfisher on July 13, 2015, 04:10:02 pm
Sorry to hear of your lose of equipment! you could catch a carp on light gear I used a 10lb set up last year and did fine with it! That said I also have carp rods and reels too! you need any bait (Boilie) recipes send me a PM I can send you one that works for me. Lots of guys just go and buy them they aren't to expensive if you want to catch the bigger carp use protein based baits. I've even used luncheon meat!
Would like to get out with you and brent for an outing would be fun!