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Title: Side Straddle Paddle in Dead Calm Water
Post by: JeffGoudreau on April 28, 2009, 07:55:33 pm
Just recently I fished dead calm water on a hot sunny day for the first time from a kayak. Out west there seems to always be a breaze or a rolling swell...I noticed that I developed a paddle stroke unknown to me so as to keep myself from having to adjust my position while productively casting a bay and then I continued this stroke over and over in different areas...I wonder if others do this?
Im sitting sideways with my legs in the water...I grab my paddle and grip it near the blade side which would be hitting the water on my back facing side and I stroke a powerful stroke and then I leave the long part of the shaft to clear my legs and just commit a corrective stroke for direction with little power? Then I lay down the paddle and snatch up my rod.  This way I can move slowly through the water minimizing my body motion and time not fan casting the area rather than lifting my legs up and wasting time....
Im about the least technical paddler on the water...And I dont care to become someone that gives a rats arss about it I just thought that it was natural for me while kayak angling so I should share it and see if others do it?