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Title: 1st Fishing Outings
Post by: PikeCreek on April 06, 2011, 10:11:39 am
Even though I have hit the water 3 times, it was only kayaking, no fishing.  Tomorrow (Thursday), Friday and Saturday I have my first outings of the year planned.  Thursday and Friday for Pike at Harsen's Island, that lies on the Can/US border between Algonac, MI and Walpole Island/ Canada.  On Saturday I will be fishing on the Huron River, Michigan for Steelhead, about 20 minutes from the border, all 3 days in US waters only.

It will be my first trip to Harsen's Island. It is an annual outing with the MichiganKayakFishing group.  Even though it is an hour from the Windsor/Detroit Tunnel, it is just over 30km as the crow flies from where I live across Lake St. Clair.  It is a mile from Gull Island where the infamous "Jobby Nooner" is held every June.  Google it and look at the pics.  Its is something like a Girls on Spring Break video.  Harsen's Island has also been called, "Venice of the Midwest".

Fact is, I have never been there.  These annual outings have caught over 60 pike some years, and some close to 40".  Daniel (gl_yak) has attended these before and I think has posted a video of last years trip. I am sure he will be there and FishorDie (Craig) will be coming with me on Friday and Saturday.  I plan on taking pictures and video, hopefully I will have a good trip report next week.

Here is a picture of the area at Harsen's Island that we will be fishing.

Title: Re: 1st Fishing Outings
Post by: De-tension on April 06, 2011, 05:34:30 pm
Good luck Rich.  Hope you get a big one or two or three.....
Looking forward to some pics.
Title: Re: 1st Fishing Outings
Post by: JeffGoudreau on April 06, 2011, 06:19:27 pm
Hotntot for trolling, Silver or gold undressed number 4 mepps/bluefox spinner :)
Hope you get a biggy and the weather is good for you.
You gotta get back and pound the river for the hen walleye!!
Title: Re: 1st Fishing Outings
Post by: Manny on April 07, 2011, 12:54:43 am
Good luck man, some serious fishing in your next few days!!  Cant wait to see the pics.

Title: Re: 1st Fishing Outings
Post by: phattrick on April 07, 2011, 10:51:00 am
Speaking of pics, I checked out 'jobbie nooner'. If you're taking orders I'll take two of the blondes, a brunett and a handful of the redheads. The drunker the better,(except the redheads, nothin crazier than a drunk redhead) Bikinis are optional.
Cheers Rick